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Why Do You Need SEO?

We are now living in the age of information. Everything we need to know is now available to us with the swipe of a finger or the touch of a button.

Just a few short decades ago, people would find products or services by flipping through the yellow pages or taking a few moments to recall the name of the last company they used. If they still couldn’t find what they wanted, they may have even called a friend to ask for a personal recommendation.

Now, those days are over. People do their own research using the internet. With just a quick query in Google, all of the information they need is right there in front of their eyes.

Consumers trust Google to bring them the information they want. In fact, we trust Google so much that over 60% of search traffic goes to one of the first three listings on the search results page.

If a client is looking for the product or service offered by your business, do you show up in the top three results? If not, you are losing out on a huge amount of business. If you’re not even on the first page, you can forget about people being able to find your website.

How does Google decide which websites are displayed first? These aren’t hand-picked. They are chosen mathematically through Googles search algorithm.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of making sure that your website looks favorable to Google.

  • If Google doesn’t understand what your website is about, you won’t show up for the correct search terms.
  • If Google doesn’t think your site is important, you might not even get on the first page.

SEO will allow us to tell Google what your website is about. We’ll demonstrate that your website is important. How do we do this? We have a three prong approach to SEO.

  1. We make sure google can understand your website.
    Sometimes, there are elements of your website that makes sense to readers, but not to google. Let’s say an Italian restaurant posts an image of their menu. Google might not be able to tell what is contained in the image. While the restaurant may sell many different types of pizzas, pastas, and pastries, as far as google is concerned none of these phrases have anything to do with the website. This is just one of many ways that your website content can get lost in translation, and we’ll fix every instance.
  2. We make sure that your website is phrased correctly.
    We are able to use web analytics tools to find out exactly what people are typing into Google. Ensuring that your web content matches these queries is essential to getting you ranked. For example, let’s say that your website says “We carry everything you need for camping in California this year.” If people are searching for “where to buy sleeping bags in San Jose,” they will never find your site because the phrase “sleeping bags” doesn’t appear.
  3. We develop a backlink profile for your website.
    If there are dozens of companies all targeting the same search terms, how does Google know which website is best? Generally, it’s the number and quality of backlinks pointing to your website. If one of those businesses was featured on a popular website such as Wikipedia or CNN, Google will assume that is the most popular website and improve it’s ranking. We are able to ensure your website is link to from popular websites all over the internet, improving your ranking.

To put it simply, we help bring your website to the top of the Google search results for important queries related to your business. Here at San Jose SEO services, we’ve been promoting our own businesses online for many years. Our unique expertise is exactly what your company needs to bring in more customers.

SEO is More Important Now Than Ever

Organic search is biggest source of online traffic and lead generation. As long as people continue to use Google, businesses will need to make sure that their websites are visible to their potential clients.

Currently, three billion people in the world have internet access. In San Jose, 90% of the adult population has access to the internet from their homes.

If these digitally connected residents of San Jose residents can’t find you online, they will find your competitor’s websites instead.

SEO used to be a handy marketing strategy that “in-the-know” people could use to give their business an advantage over their competitors. Today, it’s SEO is standard practice. If you aren’t putting any time into SEO, you’re already behind your competitors. As far as 90% of the city is concerned, your business doesn’t even exist.

Is SEO Safe?

You may have heard warnings or horror stories of SEO agencies doing work on a client’s website and bringing in some traffic. Just a few short months later, the website is penalized and banned from the google search results.

Why would something like this happen? There are two ways to go about SEO. First, you can go about it the “White Hat” way. This is attempting to build an authentic online presence for your business. We make sure you are listed in the appropriate directories. We make sure your website is formatted correctly. We get involved with social media. White hat SEO is an authentic method of reaching out to clients.

Black Hat SEO is another way to promote a business. Instead of looking for legitimate ways to connect with users online, SEO is automated with spam. Fake websites are built using automatically generated, unreadable text. Computer software is used to post spam links to your website all over the internet. Black hat SEO might pay off… for a while. Since the entire principle of black hat SEO is to trick Google into thinking your website is more important than it really is, all of your time and money will be wasted when Google catches on.

We are not some offshore company who can run some “churn and burn” operation with clients all over the world. The foundation of our business is to build long term relationships with local San Jose clients. This business model only works if we offer White Hat SEO methods that provide long term benefits for our clients.

Black Hat SEO companies will offer you fast and immediate results for just a single one-time payment. We do not promise you immediate results, because this is impossible with White Hat SEO. We are not simply spamming your website all over the internet, we are taking the time to establish long term promotional opportunities for your organization.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

How much does a car cost? Well, it depends on a few factors. If you’re just looking to commute a short distance to work, you’ll be able to pick up an old Toyota for a minimal amount of money. But if you’re looking for safety, speed, comfort and reliability, well you’ll have to spend a little more money.

There are many companies that will call you and offer you the deal of a lifetime. “For just one easy payment of $47 per month, we’ll get you to the top of google for any search term!”

As with anything, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Good SEO is not cheap. It is not a mass produced, one-size-fits-all service. It takes an experienced marketer to understand what strategies should be employed for your business. He will need to know where to find high quality links back to your website. Often, these links come at a very high price. Most importantly, he needs to know how to time these links and what social signals are necessary to maximize their effectiveness.

At San Jose SEO Services, we are also business professionals. We understand that it’s not the cost of a service that is important, but the return you will receive on your investment. That’s why we do intensive research on the amount of traffic a certain keyword gets, and compare it with your websites current conversion rate to estimate the potential financial benefit to our services.

We don’t just pick keywords we think you can rank for. We pick keywords that you can make money from.

When done correctly, SEO can generate incredible returns. Let’s say, for example, you take out a billboard downtown. While the billboard is up, your sales go up. Once you take the billboard down, your sales go down. You’ll have to continue to spend money, to continue receiving the benefits of the advertising.

SEO is a bit different. Once we get you ranked for a search term, only a little maintenance is needed to keep you there. Your expenses go down, but the revenue keeps rolling in.

San Jose SEO Services, What’s Next?

We would have loved for this document to have explained exactly how we plan to increase your business revenues. But every single client we work with requires a different approach. We’re excited to show you what we are capable of. Contact San Jose SEO Services today for our FREE SEO consultation.

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